3 thoughts on “Held in the Light

  1. No problem with being held in the light but:
    I could feel like a trapped bat entangled in an enclosure of pink silken kelp; like a frantic Brown fly breaking its wings from side to side; like a two eyed brown ground fish corseted in bowl of its size and encapsulated zap electricity. Then there is the enclosure of white space- blank- beyond the pink circumference. And then the mysterious green edged tape worms, outmost encircling- and waiting.

  2. The painting revolves around the ruby, red snail figure
    A ribbon of blush pink travels clockwise from the snails antenna extension. The asphalt gray ground on which it rests extends counterclockwise upwards. It shifts from sea stained gray to chalk clouds to milk as it comes back down. In the encircling–it lassoes a dirtied sun; it lassoes a frightened bat. A swath of rococo curly cues stand audience on the left. Like Humphrey Dunkel, I agree that “ held in the light” seems more an aspiration than a reality.

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