2 thoughts on “Offering

  1. So Iovely…and gentle. I see St. Francis of Assissi lovingly offering food to the mostly birds of many varieties…a reminder to us of their hunger and needs-especially on a snowy day such as this. How I’d love to have them come so close to me… and even eat right out of my hands. How trusting they are.

  2. A largely centered, a gentle hen like bird—coloration anchored by a a mixed plum purple, traversed by loops of a dark green, a lifesaver grey belly, head and necked wrapped in brownish scarf. Above bird, forest green slashes connect us those shades of the bird. The energetic large fan cranberry shape to bird’s left resonates with bird tail color while contrasting in its wildness with the tidiness elsewhere, One can find a bird feather, or bill, beak, or elongated neck in at least half dozen of the encircling shapes, but it is also fun to sweep the representation from the interpretation and just see shapes and harmonious color sequences

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