2 thoughts on “Observer

  1. Just looking. Canvas, fully covered, with mixed shades of rectangles, most horizontal, some vertical some non-conforming. The viewing is stabilized by a partial perimeter of blue, a right edge of vertical sky blues, a lower edge of deep sea blues, and a baby blue vertical in hanging position, center. The one hot pink, pulls us leftwards on a 1/2 second blink on an inner circumference of pinks, a salmon, a washed out and a light rose. The worn, sun “chidden of god” yellow, is the axis center horizontal, around which we slowly rotate. Other colors, combinations call: the. royalty of the eggplant purple, the calming sandwich of mustard/strawberry above it; the sole fluidity, a central waterfall of grape; the grounding of earth shades, well washed brown, deep loam brown, and a soaked green wallowing in mud.
    There is a sad solidity here, that belies the glistening bit, a patchwork that holds you in its colors and shape without knowing why.

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