One thought on “Tumbling

  1. We look at the artists…chart of tumbling. We note in their separateness, that each emblem could be a separate tumble, an accumulation of many separate tumbles. I see some of mine: the blood red vertical horn far left representing the fall off my bike when dog attacked; and when same dog attacked again, the salmon scoop tumble towards center
    And now I resist the theme: I see center a charcoal grey goose, followed by a salmon gooses, followed by a decrepit mustard yellow goose. I feel a nudge from the gnarled blue finger pressing at the neck of my grey goose. I feel jabbed in my upside down chicken heart upper right by a herring gull aggressor. I feel claustrophobic, like the mouse upper center in faded brown, whitish breast, mohawk grey headed—trapped under a twisted leather doggone, buttressed by a large shard of Egyptian blue porcelain.

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