One thought on “Interiors

  1. Part of us yearns to show our interior, to be seen:
    The old orange skin shaded slithering nude wants to show the smiling blossom of her face;
    The strawberry shaded emblem of grunch , far right, wants you to know that in the heart of its being, hikers ascend its magic perpendiculars.
    Part of us wants to stay with our veneer, to have seen only our outer periwinkle purple skin stretched, as on left. To have seen only (on left edge) the green-pepper shaded stockinged legs supporting an ample posterior.
    The miscellany of expression contained in the embryo of ones interior is inaccessible except as springboards to another’s own randomness:
    The vinyl surface of the chocolate cruller is violated by interior activity that causes us to ache; the glow of the large blue sapphire, lower right, is compromised by the encasement of dirt stone from the road.

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