One thought on “Space to Breathe

  1. A navy blue standing elongated shape vaguely limbed like a cat is wrapped somewhat lasciviously around a deep plum shaped object looking vaguely like a full bodied pair of shorts,
    A dirty sunflower shaded “smut, smog and smoke of olden locomotives” pillow of an object cushioned triangularly against the blue, and purple brings the threesome together an harmonious unit. The grouping is boxed in: by a charcoal shaded protective phallus effigy on its left, an abstract dark chocolate chicken held up by a skeletal Erectus, transparently shown, on its right, and by, beneath, a lemon sooted yellow folded carpet.

    My eyes hang out five times longer here, than with the other half. A separate half——-the varied blued, cherry eucalyptus marine worm shapes–engaged in their cranberriness, they relax us with the slow mobility of their spaciousness,

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