One thought on “Conversation

  1. Slightly left of center, a vaguely bird shaped magenta with touch of a cornflower blue. Eyes are drawn to the cornflower blue seal shape lower left and enticed further by seal shape upwards, encouraged by the white prongs on seal back. The adventure continues with the lure of the latte candy cane shape which redirects us once again to the bird shaped magenta. The momentum of journeying the frame carries us to right of magenta shape to the caterpillar floating on top. Why does it so carry us: the touch of cornflower blue in the adjoining surfaces of both emblems; the centrality or the caterpillar shape and its isolation in white; the pleasure of pause at the soothing blend of hunter and Russian green with a cumulus grey and the blue too all on the caterpillar. Then we repeat the cycle, off off forth on swing around the same track. Do not forget, however, the bubble gum pink ceramic shape around which we are dancing ring around the rosy–so conversing.

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