One thought on “Quandary

  1. We see four thinkers,.
    On the far right, an erect member of the phylum Annelida, you can tell by the earth worm colors, by the striations from body endlessly dragged through tunnels of soil
Going leftwards, a lineup of full bodied tubular figures, two drained purple, like November grape gone thru too many frosts. The third 
 a drained orange like a November oak leaf still hanging on

    The object of their attention is obviously the intoxicated conglomeration on far left garnering attention by its boisterous candied apple red, and burnt chili and its .touch of turquoise necklace. Responding to the exclamation marks emanating from all beings, a narrow sky of mulberry purple, teeter toddlers an equilibrium on wheel of cornflower blue.

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