3 thoughts on “Orderly Line

  1. I see this as going from left to right and very orderly with smallest first. Somehow this is comforting to me. Really love this one Martin.

    • Sometimes after recess at school we used to line up from shortest to tallest getting ready to come in. I don’t know why. Maybe it was just to create a sense of order and relationship. It always felt like fun. And it did feel comforting — safety, being seen.

  2. Jackson pollack mudballs thrown?
    Or my bedroom piled with dirty clothes with barely floor space for walking and that roundabout?
    That patch of blue sky amidst the rubble provides momentary solace.
    That bottom dab of spruce green…anchors life.
    But oh, the scariness of it all, like my mind’s clutter, impinging.

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