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  1. I love these wonderful strokes you created with your new bristley paint brush, Martin! Each shape seems to complement the one next to it. The twists and turns of the shapes on the far right are just plain fun. I noticed that every shape is connected in some way to another shape, making the whole painting a grouping with each shape referencing the one it is touching and complementing. I love the depth perception created by multiple colors in the twisty strokes of the blue and pink ribbons on the far right.

    • (continuing) ….
      Purple and Orange have multicolor depth and also beautiful wispy endings from the brushstroke. The greenish yellow shape adorned with small brown strokes looks like a baby chick feasting on a piece of fruit like a lime or green apple. The green slice could also be a moon character kissing the face of little chick. The top left chartreuse shape could be an opened eggshell with a chick coming out of the bottom, or maybe it is the face of a woman with a white scarf on her head. I like the white stripes left by the brush on this shape. I also like the small white speckles left on the grey/blue and purple shapes. The smallest grey shape looks like a hummingbird to me. The grey/red shape on top looks like a moon mother looking after her two grey offspring. I enjoyed “playing” with this painting.

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