2 thoughts on “Drawing a Crowd

  1. This picture makes me think of Easter and the song, 🎵 Easter Parade🎵 :
    🎼 In your Easter bonnet,👒 with all the frills upon it,🌷 🎶
    🎼 You’ll be the grandest lady 👗 in the Easter parade. 🐣 🎶

    As a child, this song always made me happy, and the tune would play over and over in my head. I would think of pretty hats and pretty shoes and a pretty dress.

    I love the color purple and I see a fancy purple hat on the purple figure in this painting. It looks like she is on stage pretending to be in an Easter parade. Lots of people are on the sidelines clapping and admiring her beautiful “Easter Bonnet”!

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