One thought on “Layers of Memory

  1. “Layers of Memory” is one of my very favorite paintings. There is something calming and mature about the progression of the layers and colors. I see two figures at the bottom, one talking and one only listening. Something like this can be learned as a child. Never giving myself permission to speak my mind or feelings leaves me somewhat defenseless. Over the years each layer is very different with many shades within each layer of color. In life I have had a chance to develop knowledge and friendships that have helped me to mature, just as each layer shows another era of time and experience. Some are bright years, like the birth of children. Some are very dark years, like loss of love and trust, lack of understanding, and the worst, the death of a loved one. With all that, there is a sense of the story coming to a close for me, and I see the layers of life and I feel the maturity, and I depend on that and the support of my very closest loved ones to enjoy the rich life that I have learned, through the layers of memory, to appreciate.

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