One thought on “Peace Talk

  1. Peace talks begin most valuably at home. The key word is “talk”. Mind reading is ineffective and naive. It sometimes takes a lifetime to learn this. Good, effective communication can achieve peace at the levels of home, school, work, country and world. I have lived a long life and am still struggling with communication and honesty but I will continue to work on improving this. It is something that would make a good course to be taught in preschool through college if anyone knew the right way to teach it. Is it most important to be honest at the risk of hurting someone’s feelings, or is it more important to be discriminating about how much truth is necessary? Is it always best to communicate all at our “peace talks”? While I believe it is important to “talk”, what should I “say”?

    The painting is fabulous. I see a smaller husband and wife in the center. Their huge individual issues are the figures behind each of them. It is a good portrayal of the many important layers of emotion that we all carry within us. So I see that some form of communication will be necessary to maintain “peace”.

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