One thought on “Over the Mirror

  1. Over the mirror and into the mirror, into a fantasy world of the imagination! First, you must look past your reflection, leave your ego behind and explore the landscape of your mind. It is hazy but there are bright, beautiful colors that will draw you in, showing off their splendor and magical shapes, complex edges and secondary interior designs. The green creature on the right has hundreds of projecting fingers that cuddle and protect her newborn. The offspring seems to glow with the newness of his birth. All manner of creatures are gathering to welcome Willie the infant worm. One visitor brought a royal blue ball for Willie to play with. The bright red creature is the queen of the land as far as the eye can see. She seems to be smiling, showing her approval. All types of colorful creatures follow her. They circle round and round her. Her body has a translucent and even transparent glow, allowing her inner shapes to be visible for all to see. She loves showing them off and is not a bit shy about it! Mr Frog, top left is having a marvelous day enjoying the excitement all around. He seems to be glowing with happiness as he puffs out his chest and makes himself a bit greener and even a bit translucent like the queen and like Willie and his mom. It is easy to see the magic if one can look past their own reflection and open up to the magnificent world of colors and shapes. Imagination will be their playmate.

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