2 thoughts on “Flight of Imagination

  1. I love the colors flashing brightly against the pristine white background. At the bottom right I see a weathered, twisted bush that still has the fresh green look of spring with its prickly needles flashing multicolored shades of green. At the bottom center is a blue bird with unusual, fluffy red wing feathers. Above him to the left is a hummingbird in flight, with a white head, red and yellow body and blue wings glistening translucently in the sun. Behind him is a beautiful blue and yellow finch bird. Above him is an extraordinary red and green Australian King Parrot. Top center is a magnificent green Resplendent Quetzal fluffing out his long feathery tail. To his right is a sweet Yellow-green Vireo with a piece of bread in his beak. Lastly, top right is a pair of Canadian Geese in flight and headed north for the winter!

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