4 thoughts on “Walking Away

  1. The fern like plant, on a small slate Island, transforms the swath of royal blue, forest green, mustard yellow, and the swirl of salmon red into an immensity of looming sky, or lurking mythological landscape. The yellow frames the fronds. The deep blue with kale green extend an invitation of impenetrability, The zig-zag salmon is a stop sign to entering at all.

  2. A hardy forsythia bush, not so long ago covered with a hairdo of beautiful yellow blossoms, now stands strong and green with brown withered remnants of golden glory days. The golden yellow sunshine behind the bush is a reminder of the blossoms that always introduce spring. The forsythia stands carefree on a winding path and spreads its branches like arms waving farewell to the young man who is walking pensively down the same path with his head down, looking only at where he will place his foot next. He carries a large duffel bag which seems to symbolize his entire life being packed up and carried to a land where anyone can have a second chance at happiness. It is the saying goodbye and walking away that is so sad and difficult today. As he walks down the path toward the sun, he soaks up the warmth and takes deep breaths of fresh, cleansing countryside air. As he passes a swirl of red and brown which represent his anxiety and depression, he determined to walk away from these feelings and build his new life with a positive attitude and a grateful heart.

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