2 thoughts on “Into the Morning

  1. Peeking out of my window, I see a clear invitation to greet the day. The enticement is irresistible so I open my door and step out onto my porch. I see the dark mountain lighting up on one side. I see the tall pines and oaks beginning to glisten at their tops. The lovely dark blue sky begins to give way to a most spirit lifting streak of bright golden yellow sunshine. Only after several grateful deep breaths, do I notice the sweet sound of the stream that runs past my home. The gifts of dawn make the day worth living in a spirit of gratitude and joy.

  2. I am drawn into this painting. How?” The lemon wedge of sun unites a strip of navy blue, baby blue sky with a rasping raspberry knob of translucence that colludes with the solidity of carrot orange. The rays from a ballon disc of kale green radiate into the blues yellow and red yielding an organic expressiveness to the topography of morning.

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