3 thoughts on “Seeing Purple

  1. I love this color combination, and even though you did not intentionally make eyes and faces, I see them everywhere. A purple walrus top left, a pink skate below him, a grey dog bottom middle with a purple cat to his right, a brown puffer fish bottom right, a purple jellyfish above him, a blue lobster top right, and a multicolored, blue, garnet and grey shark top center. As color wheel opposites, the yellow sky accentuates the purple. The green seems to hold the rest of the picture story together and provides areas of safety between the creatures. The purple of the walrus symbolizes magic and mystery as he climbs up into the sky of yellow which symbolizes happiness and warmth, although in modern times yellow is used in traffic lights and signs that indicate caution. Both meanings are represented here with the warmth of the sun and the caution needed to avoid the shark just below! This is an action picture, filled with a playground of color.

  2. Kathryn, I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on Martin’s painting, “Seeing Purple”. Your thoughts and his painting delighted me.

  3. Flat friendly, map friendly, grounded by a skewed asphalt Texas with an eye and a horn-like appendage, this painting is enlivened by minimalist suggestion of “seeing” bulbous manatee purple shapes. A cartographer’s precision delineates between state-like shapes of color. the grape purple blobs enjoy the buoyancy of their juxtaposition to sage green infused with pink, textured grey, and dirty yellow lemon.
    Flat, fun, expressive, restrained.

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