3 thoughts on “Wondering Eye

  1. I see a blue seductive eye looking around the scene. The yellow circle has two eyes and a nose. There is a brown closed fist with a thumb sticking up on the top center of the page. On top right is a hot tub. Bottom right is a dinosaur.

  2. All that orange: An atmosphere of light melon atmospheric orange, dirty carrot orange footlike outline starring a blacklined big toe; a curved leftward slide of wispy tiger lily orange supine on a recliner of navy blue and framing the bottom third of the elevated buttercup yellow sun sporting a pea green tangle that wants to be a snake –head waving. My eyes circle up the lemon comfort of the sun to its tufted enflamed wig and then back around and around again clockwise again to toe, slide, sun, snake, tuft. When I accidentally made painting bigger it more fully expressed the energetic interaction of color and shape, more fully the varied range of orange. I drift from this circling every third time round to the metamorphic layered pigeon gray, blue jay blue rocks resting on creamed wafer and pillared like a Roman temple on posts of sky blue.
    The two halves do work together I think. This right pillared half is a pause in the swirling of the right half. The melting of the watery orange to the right serves as a color connector. The painting frees itself from representation and emerges full of expression from all angles.

    • Robert’s description has taken me on a color ride like an amusement park roller coaster and a twirly whirl ride. I can feel the movement and see the colors and even feel a bit exhausted and dizzy at the end. It is a genius view of these colors and shapes. It’s like reading a book of moving, swirling stories of colors and shapes. Each line is more descriptive that the last, ending in a story of freedom of expression. Wow!

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