2 thoughts on “Imagination

  1. The snakes at the bottom are content with their snake lives, all but one. She stretches herself to reach up like the beautiful creatures she sees swimming up and to the right where there must be something even more spectacular to see. She wants so much to be fuzzy green or fluffy yellow that she is beginning to take on those colors as they go by in their little Rose Day Parade of the sea. But most of all, she wants to be girly-girl powder pink like her favorite beautiful creature coming up next in the showy extravaganza. She especially enjoys the subtle changes from cotton candy pink to bright lipstick red, with the soft fuzzy edges incorporating both shades. Then, to her surprise, a tiny brilliant royal blue creature pops out from between the green and yellow fuzz worms. He shouts to her in a voice as if to be a royal messenger, “Dear child,” he says, “all is possible in the delightful world of dreams!”

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