3 thoughts on “Moving Quickly

  1. A fun contrast,. The calm of spring landscape on right and lower 2/3; the gentle rolling of color horizontals from lettuce green to lemon yellow to white capped water to iron brown eroding bank to rising mown field to white fading sky. All this is pierced by the oversized multi-bodied power of the great red head -bellied, sunshine backed, green backboned heron–bearing on its back a dozen vertical dashes of its own green blue sky. Two paintings, really, complete each other in their juxtaposition of shapes and coloration in capturing the experience of moving quickly.

  2. Such colors! Especially during a drab spring with forsythia and daffodilss just starting to bloom. Is spring suddenly going to arrive in all its glory and turn immediately into summer? Whatever it is, it looks like a beautiful and joyful time for all. Count me in!

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