5 thoughts on “Rose Bud

  1. Ah, the joy of seeing a rosebud…its own present beauty and the anticipation and excitement of all the phases it will go through til its final bloom and eventual fall. You captured the feeling of it all. I think I even see a worm or 2 beneath the ground-none of those beings look harmful, thank goodness.

  2. Summer squash yellow glows,. Sienna, without potato, with worm rising, watered down blueberry blue and kale green like calming Treatment Center walls, a crimson beet without the beet, cucumber green emerging —-all under a real sky skirted with pigeon blue gray clouds. Could be a quick-freeze in bread loaf pan of rainbow vegetable colors, Could be flower colors in full blossom emerging from the earth bypassing seeds and shoots and leaves and time. Could be an extraordinary box of spring chocolates. Could be rose bud imagining its florescence.

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