3 thoughts on “Still in Touch

  1. I like the over-arcningness of tangerine orange over teal green, of a swath of ocean blue over the tangerine. I like way the blue bleeds into a Persian peninsula of red, and the way the clean left Persian edge juxtaposes with the scattered teal expression in upper left. The range of colors dance with eachother, while the varied textures offer a desire to linger. l like to linger.

    • I learn new words nearly every time I read your wonderful descriptions. Today I learned juxtaposes! Fun to learn. Thanks!

  2. As three siblings discuss the loss of their precious brother, a teal colored angel swoops in from the left and her sparkling hair flows behind her. Her presence is unseen but a rainbow of love and courage surrounds the mourners. They are filled with gratitude for the relief they feel and for the bond they have with one another.

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