4 thoughts on “Sculptor

  1. Gray is melting into the foreground blue, singeing and striping the phallus blue sculpture. A fiery orange and bonfire yellow glaze a porcelain vertical, turquoise. A spear of frazzled blue fringes in an incineration of yellow. A bulwark of blue on the front- right –blocks the blaze but not the experience of being fired.

  2. In the bottom right, three things that keep drawing me back are the blue fish with long, beautiful, transparent, blue and green fins flowing behind him; and the hysterically funny, grumpy eyes and mouth on the face of the creature that Mr Fish is studying; and the grayish, ghost-like creature coming toward them. The blue stripe, dissolving into the yellow seems to be the grumpy creature’s memory oozing from the top of his head. The ghost creature is an Angel rushing to comfort Grumpy. These three seem to have a story all their own, apart from the sculptor and his audience.

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