4 thoughts on “Learning to Fly

  1. I like the corpulent clouds shapes-the dirty orange delineated with green, the tan with dark chocolate edges, the Prussian blue intestinal cloud worming towards white. The cockroach purple-eyed flying machine–covered by a towel of withered kale and a bed sheet of sapphire sky — preys upon a patch of mustard dandelion sun——–menacing the pleasure of skies.

  2. I would take issue with “cockroach …..flying machine….menacing the pleasure of the skies” The painting opens up when you see it as looking down from the flying machine –when you discover the three dimensional perspective.

  3. Such a sweet moment… one that I have never really imagined before… a parent insect gently teaching its young to fly. It looks like a very warm and supportive family/environment/world. Mother Earth , in blue, is watching in a relaxed manner while a sibling, perhaps, is encouraging the first flight.”You can do it.”

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