4 thoughts on “Winter Sun

  1. With a winter sky above, I see two figures peacefully skating on a pond, enjoying the solace of their quiet yet playful time together. The sun, barely peeping from behind a cloud, is just a reflection on the white snowbanks around the sleek, slippery ice of the pond.

    Before I studied this painting and got a feel for what it meant to me, I got an instant reaction to the title and the colors, especially the sky colors of blue and green against a crisp, cold, stark white. It was the feeling of a winter sky, a winter day, a winter sun shining very early in the day. Amazing how colors can touch my emotions and pop up winter memories, childhood memories on the pond, skating on my boots and occasionally hearing the ice crack, and seeing the reflection of the sun so bright on the ice.

  2. Winter Sun full of white, too cold for much yellow, a ray in the sky, with more mellow yellow descended, clouds with blues brushed and frozen, gray mustard strip of cloud like Man-Ray ” Lips,” and a defined dark purple line of cloud strapping the elusive yellow to the land , a cucumber green swiped cloud. slow the purple strip we have a murky area of swamp or fallen sky, the blurring of which below the purple line, detracts from the upper crispness.

  3. What a perfect day for this painting. I can see and feel the extreme cold in the sky and the land. Brrrrrr. Only a few beings are around to experience this frigid day…I think they have to be there for their work…or they could be ice fishing. Thank goodness there is a bit of sunshine making it more beautiful, as well as more inviting. Is that an island that I see in the center distance?

  4. Yes Everyone! I am with you on all your comments! I see that island, Jane! And “burrrrr “! You can barely stand outside today! Such exquisite colors and vision, Martin! Thank You for sharing all you do!

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