5 thoughts on “Sea Dragon

  1. I love this painting of the exciting world beneath the ocean. It reminds me of all the wonderful adventures I’ve had in the sea. I miss them. Thanks for bringing them to life.

  2. For me ….this works best as two pictures. I hang out most on the top half …the Byzantine gold enameling background, the fabric like folds of Persian green, the rounded chunks of browning apple shade. I also like below the packed mound of shapes and colors, of trunks or dragons emerging of seal shapes lounging and grey/red colors jiving. My eyes do not dance between them. I am drawn to separately appreciate each section.

  3. As I look at the work again, I like the way the two halves jive. The Byzantine gold with its folded greens and sold pink-purples lends an austerity and also serves to elevate the painting bathing it in an unearthly light of a bygone spirituality.

    • I am glad you took another look. Separating pieces and appreciating them individually helps to see what each has to offer. Building a bridge in your mind allows them to come together to be more than they are in isolation. Life is only simple until it is not.

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