6 thoughts on “Leaving

  1. a sense of going from murky to clarity ( l to r) or clarity to the unknown (r to l), with a feeling of courage in the middle.works both ways for me

  2. This painting made me feel very sad. I see our dear friend bravely leaving our area where he has lived happily for 40 years. He will be greatly missed by many who wish him well.

  3. This painting makes me feel very sad. I see dear friend, bravely leaving the town where he has lived happily for 40 years. Friends gather, wishing him well, missing him already.

  4. The departing mood of the chocolate, blue-grey-orangy sea rock beings is informed by the acidity of the pea-green hills on yellow lemon yellow sky.

  5. But look at the blurred white-spaced fog between the Beings and the”pea green” hills, at that vacuum left in the leaving, at the memory of color lost in the departing——- that empty space also informs.

  6. The sky is such a bright yellow, the sun fills the scene with warmth. The beautiful green mountain of trees takes over the scene and brings beauty and happiness to the painting. Friends have gathered on the right to wish their friend farewell, and with that act of gathering they have brought love and support to one another. They will all miss their friend. As the two in the center embrace, a patch of green below them shows the healing that is taking place with that embrace. As he says his last goodbye, he is surrounded by a soft blue haze which has a calming effect and which represents loyalty and strength. That same blue theme runs strong across the entire picture. On the far left, the last of his friends looks in the direction of his destination, a final act of caring and concern. It is time to go now.

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