3 thoughts on “Losing Strength

  1. Shards of burnt sienna left buttress a muscular blueberry-blue right arm with an aggressively flared red hibiscus-blossom fist. To its right and yielding is a lima bean green splattered dead beneath a summer squash yellow sleeved with a light purple pink. Muscularity and submission, color and shape.

  2. On the bottom center, the pale grey woman is trying to get to the lush green safe haven in the distance. The inhabitants call to her, encouraging her, as does the bright yellow sky creature. They give her suggestions and coax her on, but she has many burdens to carry. Her back is loaded with old fears, guilt, sorrow, insecurity and addictions. Will she succeed and reach her destination? Will she free herself of so many burdens? She is exhausted, loosing strength. She will save herself, but only with the loving kindness of others.

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