2 thoughts on “Visitation Rights

  1. I feel pensive –like the cranberry-on-blue extending its pale leg of color to the extended limb of a lobster orange; out of texture —-like the gelatinous cuttlefish brown creaming the teal and Prussian blue; invisible — like the pink haired, one eyed-half-head hidden in cloud; — wearied ,like the foreground grey pavement by the multiplicity of colors calling; yet—–held, like all these colors wrapped in the low clouds of tissue paper.

  2. In this under-the-sea fish drama, the reds stand guarded behind their baby pink salmon. The blue fish may visit her but only with the protective wall between them. The reds do not trust the blues, especially this visitor. He looks angry and hungry and the baby salmon is afraid of him. In the foreground, a large grey fish and an orange lobster swim unaware of the drama behind them. Everywhere life goes on.

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