4 thoughts on “Misunderstand

  1. My eye’s motion rides on the blue: the wavy azure “L ” with black inter-liner; the saphire pond the eyes pour into on upper left ….then to the patching and booting of royal blue on the right. The pieces of brown orange, pink orange, clay orange, squash, amber and rust…are immobile, wedged in by strokes of fading sunflower yellow, shades of dirty yolk. The soft thin yellow, and the wash of beach pea green provides a bit of space in the congestion. The density of the painting invites you into the maze– and leaves you there.

  2. I see a handsome blue vertical figure fearlessly caressing a dazzling and lovely yellow creature. All eyes around are watching, chattering and judging. They are also perhaps longing for the same loving affection.

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