2 thoughts on “Holding Accountable

  1. As in porcelain, the fracture line of the blue and the green is not to be repaired.. The cherry red staghorn force that so splits the iris blue asunder is no ordinary sumac.

    Apparently with no surprise,
    To any happy flower,
    The frost beheads it at its play,
    In accidental power.
    The blond assassin passes on.
    The sun proceeds unmoved,
    To measure off another day,
    For an approving God. Emily Dickinson

    The vibrancy of the the deep navy blue, raspberry red and pot leaf green, give the force lines this “accidental” neutrality. The suffusion of yellow beneath the single stroke blue sky completes the poem and painting: “the sun proceeds unmoved to measure off another day to an approving god.”

  2. The day has come when the red offenders stand before their blue and green judges who will hold them accountable for their crimes.

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