3 thoughts on “Spectators

  1. a pencil grey sky;
    n orange pumpkin colored carrot hued hilliness;
    Yellows of dandilion and mustard;
    Saphire blue cool summer pond water;
    Fringed verticals in the foreground cherry red, and bluer than blueberry; and worn long lipstick red…
    A south-west feel where i have hardly been. At the same time —an exercise in grey so well played, and what’s all that blue have to do with such dryness, and those shots of yellow where you anticipate a heavier soil; and what lifts me in the dislocation of color

    • You go deeper than my projections of faces and titles by focusing on color and space.
      If you go to the pictures from the Worksheets tab you can see the paintings uncluttered with my dramatizations.

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