5 thoughts on “Quiet Listener

  1. There is no time for listening….to green and blue and red blob
    There is only blob of mud-blue brown…no ears for receipt of sound.
    The isolation of white, pale yellow, and barely pink between hues.
    Like Edward Hoppers, “People in the Sun”
    the ugliness, banality—-and unexpected grace– of just being blob.

    • Do you not commune with the fairies? Please be positive. There are no “ blobs”; only subtle, sensitive energy.

  2. I love this “Quiet Listener”, it reminds us of the importance of “LISTENING” to others, being totally present to what is being said or conveyed instead of being ready with our own story. Some of our biggest obstacles are created by not listening fully. Thanks for this painting!

  3. I love these beautiful colors and the way they completely differentiate each figure and make them special. Also love the creativity of the facial expressions. I can imagine many stories being told. I can see a green (life, renewal) daughter listening to her blue (loyalty, wisdom) mother’s advice. I see a red (emotionally intense) son seeking wisdom from his brown (stability, warmth, and honesty) and dark blue (loyalty, wisdom) father. All are surrounded by streams of light yellow (positivity, clarity, and enlightenment) and pink (universal love of oneself and of others). The painting begins on the left with a touch of black (power, mystery) and the color light brown (warmth and honesty). And so, in this painting, when the courageous communicator is paired with the quiet listener, the magic of communication, problem solving and unselfish love is the product.

    I use the words “courageous communicator” because I am assuming the speakers are telling their “truth”. It is not always easy to speak your truth, and it is so important to be able to do that.

    In the words “quiet listener,” the word “quiet” is key. It is not easy to quiet the mind and just listen, and to listen without judgement or interruption. It is a kind and unselfish thing to do for someone you care about. I think it is something that is learned with practice. I think it is worthwhile to learn because it benefits the listener as well as the speaker.

  4. I believe an open heart is what allows the quiet listener to connect well with others. Thank you, Martin, for being a quiet listener…and for sharing this special painting with us all.

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