2 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. I fear it is not looking like recovery. The blues are draining into browns, spastically darting and shooting into greens and excoriating the field of red which did not have much of a chance to begin with. Serious boundary issues thru-out bode a very guarded prognosis.

    Wellborne Walker Raymond

  2. I see a lot of activity and worry, but each activity seems to be of a helping nature. Bottom left is a surgeon’s long arm lifting up the injured. Above left two people are attending to the injured. In the center a blue mother is reaching down to nurture and heal her son. There is a small blue guardian angel watching over them. On the bottom right are a mother and father helping their son along to recovery. On the top right are two brown friends/angelic humans sending good wishes and love to the injured. In the top far right is the injured boy’s own guardian angel lifting his spirit and guiding him along as his father shouts with happiness at his son’s progress.

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