One thought on “Reluctant Dancer

  1. Wow, Martin, this painting is so obvious that it looks like you named it first and then painted it. I see people dancing and having fun on the right. On the left I see a woman painted red signifying her distress and also making her the center of attention. It seems those near her are putting a lot of pressure on her to go out on the dance floor. I understand her distress since I have been in that exact situation myself. It is very painful to be forced when you know you have no sense of rhythm and are very uncomfortable being the center of attention. I don’t think it is a friendly or thoughtful gesture to force someone to dance in a public setting. A kind person knows to respect the personal wishes of others in a situation like this.

    The colors in this painting are also very telling. The orange line shows where the dance floor starts. The dark green figures a pretty much unnoticed or in the background of the story. The yellow background denotes a party-like situation. The red figure is obviously in distress and has her oversized hand reaching out for some help. The lime green next to her brings vomiting to my mind. I thing that is what she feels like doing. The person on her right has gone so far past her boundaries that his face seems to be rubbing off on hers. The blue on the right side of the painting shows fun and lightheartedness on that side of the room.

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