One thought on “Accountability

  1. It looks like the two people on the right are in the process of dumping pollutants on the beautiful pristine beach. Someone noticed what was happening and gathered others to witness the offense. The offender in the center is angry that he has been caught. He knows that he must now be accountable for his actions.

    I love the serenity of the light blue sky against the darker bluish aqua of the ocean. The contrast of the dark brown against the bright yellow heightens the offensiveness of the pollutants and the polluter. The green next to the yellow signifies a clean, healthful environment. The orange and brown of the people on the left signifies the anger of the crowd. The little guy in the center of the crowd has a surprised and outraged look on his face. His face adds so much expression to this scene. The total contrast of the high emotion of the dark figures against the serene background of beautiful blues, yellow and green really adds impact to the painting.

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