2 thoughts on “Stereotypes

  1. On the left I see 4 men and women dancing freely and beautifully. An inspired 5th person runs out to join in the dancing. But he is different. He has no costume. The 6th person covers her mouth to stop from laughing. The 7th person makes a sarcastic comment. The 8th person turns away showing that she is upset. The 9th person is concerned and he turns to discuss the situation with the man next to him. The last person listens to the complaints with an understanding expression, but looking at the other end of his body, I see that he is quite enjoying the whole scene. “Lighten up and watch the show!” he is thinking. Then his lighthearted side says, “Experiencing the beauty and fun of the dance is much more important than criticizing one harmless person that does not fit the stereotype!”

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