2 thoughts on “Actor on Stage

  1. The room is dark, the audience looks attentive and entertained. The stage is blasted with the brightness of the spotlight. Everyone’s eyes are momentarily focused on the red figure who is the main character in this play. The other actors surround him, playing their parts and making sense of the story through their important input. I see a team working together, each team member having equal importance. Each contribution is put together at just the right moment to give the most impact to the story. It must be exciting to be a performer. The applause of the audience must be like a gift and a thank-you for making the play entertaining, whether it be through comedy or drama or perhaps both. The actors must know they have touched emotions inside each person in the audience.

  2. Oh, Martin! Such vibrant color & so many emotions brought to the stage! Protection, Anger and cheering. Thank You again today for the emotions you bring forth in our spirits! Namaste’

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