One thought on “Still Connected

  1. A woman has passed. The grey figure on the right is sad and in disbelief. The two blue figures on the right hug each other and give each other comfort. The black and grey/green figures on the left are presiding over the funeral gathering, speaking well of the woman who has passed by remembering how her personality and good works have brought happiness to so many. They will miss her very much. The two black figures at the bottom are very sad. They are also surprised to see how the rainbow of light that fills the room fills them with hope and joy. They understand that the light is emanating from the woman who is the red figure on the left. She is looking joyful to see the angel who is coming toward her in the form of an orange rainbow-shaped light. A warm golden glow fills the room and reminds everyone that she is still connected to them in a spiritual sense and will always be connected to them through the power of unending love. The woman’s love has created a ripple in the universe.

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