2 thoughts on “Father or Mother

  1. The children are gathered and are asking the question, “Who is responsible for us?” On-lookers behind them are discussing this and giving their opinions. The parents stand together. The mother holds her walking stick as if it were a scepter signifying her authority over the children. She is draped in her green leafy dress signifying her healing powers. The father stands behind her with his hand on her shoulder, giving her his support and guidance. He also has a walking stick which signifies his stability and authority over the children. The father is brown and rugged which signifies his hard work and constant support for his family. The children each have their own questions and problems for their mother and father to help solve. The mother and father know that the children each have the power they need to solve their own issues but only need a bit of wisdom and guidance thrown into the mix. The mother can give what she has to offer and the father also has his own unique skills to offer. Between the two the children get all that they need for survival. The crowd in the background will give their personal opinions about it all. In the end, it is not the Father or the Mother, but rather the Father AND the Mother that make the world go ’round.

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