6 thoughts on “Lost Souls

  1. You have captured the essence of a lost soul perfectly in this painting, Martin. Colors are muted as are the ambitions of those in emotional turmoil. I feel I am looking into through a window into the stress and angst of inner spiritual disorder. Well done!

  2. Sam’s response is interesting, I rather felt it was mystical and soul stirring, but not disordering…maybe nebulous, but nurturingly so. The soft colors helped in that, but maybe that is the feminine sense. Or maybe being lost is a way to open up and find a new way and embrace that possibility when it arrives–the gypsy in me probably. I do love the sense of seeing such different possibilities in the same painting.

  3. Only one or maybe two on the top of the painting look distressed. The rest look happy and content. Is it possible to be lost and not even know it? …Or maybe lost and actually like it! Some look like they are on a great adventure, discovering new wonders. Maybe life is a constant growing, learning experience with fun and learning here and on the other side of this existence.

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