One thought on “Looking Back

  1. The two yellow faces are actually one person who has taken a chance and made a big effort to look back in time and examine his identity and roots and give value to knowing he has a valuable story, telling his early life on earth and what was happening at that time and how it impacted him and his family. He is in awe at what he sees and puts value on this new knowledge. He turns back and brings with him all the treasures of this knowledge to his siblings. The two on the left are grateful for these gifts. They are now looking back also, pointing at the memory treasures and enjoying them. The green sibling is also looking back gratefully. He is feeling nostalgic since he had an active part in these times. His green color represents both envy and hope. He wishes he could share these memories together with his siblings, and he has hope that someday that may happen. He is held back from this by the figure on his left who refuses to acknowledge any needs that he may have that are not to her liking and that make her feel threatened. He is looking through a blue haze of confusion. All of his siblings make every effort to be loving and understanding even though it is very hard for them to be without their sibling who they have grown up with and who they have loved all of their lives. They are wanting his love in return, but love him regardless. They know the answer is love. The love will be there regardless and in spite of these circumstances. The love will heal all of the siblings, each in their own way. The yellow in our adventurer represents sunshine, warmth, good feelings, and generosity…all the things that he gives freely to others, giving hope to all who share his presence and experience his kindness and knowledge. The green color between him and his past represents the hope that he brings back with him to share with his loved ones.

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