3 thoughts on “Wounded

  1. Interesting here that the wounded figure looks like it will not recover, and yet no one is concerned, in fact seem a bit content if not happy. Is it equanimity or is it lack of compassion, or maybe a safety issue?–it doesn’t seem like the latter……
    So it leaves a question in my mind: what has happened? Paintings, drama, poetry, prose, dance that leave questions are the ones that deeply matter.
    As Rilke said once again, live the questions!

    • At first I saw the blue figure as wounded and well attended to.
      I didn’t pay attention to the red figure who is ignored and whose eye shows no sign of life. Perhaps it is the old self or skin that the blue figure has set aside or cast off. Does the blue figure experience that as a wound?

  2. I could not decide which figure was wounded, but after reading Nola’s comments, it was so clear that the red figure (the color of blood) was wounded, if not dead. The black figure above has pierced his heart with a stick. The blue figure is the surviving mate who is being comforted by the brown figure. Those on the bottom seem upset, while the brown figure on the left has risen above it all into the sunshine and will not allow himself to be discouraged. It is a choice anyone can make. Is he uncaring or practicing healthy self-care?

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