2 thoughts on “Story Teller

  1. I see the story teller on the bottom right with his hands on the listener’s shoulders. The listener is intently taking in every word as the story teller tries to convey some important wisdom and support. The story teller speaks of all the imaginary creatures around them who are playing out their stories of adventure, laughter, fear, sorrow and joy. The story teller hopes the listener will enjoy and benefit from the wisdom that the stories hold.

  2. There seems to be story tellers within stories, but the couple on the right hand lower corner seem to be prominent, so I’m guessing the man is envisioning all the stories above and she is surprised by them. Is that how you see it? The stories are varied and some quite dramatic, maybe sea stories? But the energy level is very high here. I’m glad I am in my quiet spot here overlooking the pond. It made me realize that as much as I came to Maine seeking sea and it’s dramatic beauty, my nature wants peaceful pond instead. I did what I needed when I didn’t know what I needed. Pretty neat! Thanks!

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