3 thoughts on “Asking a Question

  1. Such receptiveness! It does take humility to ask a question in the spirit of really wanting and being wllling to hear the answer. I feel that here.

    And there, way up on the horizon is a bridge. After the answer given, one may contemplate a choice, a crossing–wander toward the bridge, choose not to cross, simply and with courage or conviction, cross, and even then, one could choose to simply live the question with no decision. Choices indeed!

  2. Asking a question can reflect a need for help. Or maybe an answer is not even needed, but just having a sharing and understanding of the need. And what if there is a total need for someone to make a choice for you. I should be aware of what I really want back when I ask a question, and make that as clear as possible.

    Responding to a question can be a quick personal opinion, maybe even led by ego, or it can be a thoughtful reflection of what you understand may be needed. It can even be helping someone sort out what options are actually available to them and helping them make their own decision with a clear understanding of the issue.

    What do you think the green bear is asking?

    • Kathryn,
      Whatever the green bear is asking —
      her question comes from her own heart,
      which has been loved and nurtured
      to speak in her own voice
      by the figures behind her,
      supporting her
      and witnessing with anticipation
      the question that is being born.

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