3 thoughts on “What To Do

  1. “What To Do” looks upsetting to me. I see two figures giving advice to the perplexed blue figure. It is such scary advice, and it actually feels more like a demand. No one else is willing to give an opinion. They are probably afraid to make a stand. The waters are rough, and while the sky has promises of good times, the dark surroundings are very foreboding. This moment of decision is very difficult. This is a close analogy of where I am today, trying to make a decision about moving to assisted living. Wow! “Theater of the Soul” is a perfect name for these exercises.

    • I love the calmness of the person who appears to be making a choice. On the left there is so much commotion and negativity, but the decider is oblivious. Those few figures on the right are shrinking away, no help there…and still the decider seems to be unaffected by anyone else. S/he will make the right decision and will not be persuaded. There is such self confidence! Apparently reading something is helping, maybe a “to do” list. Or a list of pros and cons, but no tension there.
      What a great way to make a decision. I found a role model!

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