4 thoughts on “What to Expect

  1. Such wonderful anticipation, no anxiety here! Good to think of life in these terms, and if we did we’d likely live a lot longer and far happier! Thanks, Martin, for the cheer for this morning, beautiful!

  2. I see a reptile flow of water coming down from an aloof tower towards the people. Is this the voice of power and authority? A feeding of the hungry? An inspiring and encouraging intervention? Is this an invasion or a long awaited arrival? Is this life-giving water or an enslaving serpent?

    • Nola and Martin,
      Love reading your comments on “What To Expect” Both are so thought provoking.
      I also see a building or castle on the right, and see a river or walkway flowing from it. But then the river turns into a serpent, a friendly looking serpent. On the left I see people standing on a dock. They are excited and happy to see the visitor. The yellow in the center glows like sunshine, giving a special happy glow to this event. Who would have thought that a serpent would turn out to be one who would deliver a safe, happy and exciting feeling to all. Looks can be deceiving!

  3. Hi Martin,
    A great reminder to always expect something coming around the corner!
    Your work is very intriguing!

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