2 thoughts on “Listening Carefully

  1. Well, Martin, if indeed listening is the opportunity of finding more beauty,
    this medium is the message. It’s truly beautiful! There is so much listening going on, yes with various beings as well as the trees and water, but it must also be that nature is being listened to. Do we always listen with our ears, or more deeply with our hearts?
    Seems here that nature insists on every thing listening with the heart. Perhaps the message is “tune in to the beauty of both nature and human nature and you will hear astounding things. It says to me that the title is “Listening Deeply” and thus beauty abounds. Perhaps you are going to want to frame some of these! Truly lovely!

  2. Perhaps I’ve been reading too many books about climate change and destruction because this seems a bit bleak to me — the dead trees in particular. That the listening is to take heed of what is happening.

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