One thought on “Negotiators

  1. My first take on this scene is humor at the two negotiators, one blowing his stack hysterically, the other calmly sticking his tongue out at the other. Taking a second look, I see the figures in the background with hopes for a better life, and all their hopes in the hands of two single beings. The negotiators have problems of their own, letting their emotions and egos dictate the outcome. There is hope, though, because no one has complete power over us or over our world. We can choose how we think and how we want our life to be. Our hopes and wishes always have power unless we choose to give it away and let someone else decide who we are. We all have the power to decide who we are and what is our value. It is a beautiful thing to trust and love oneself. I am grateful to know that. It is something that my family has taught me. It is something that we teach each other, with love. Thank you for this artwork, Martin.

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